Elevate Your Restaurant.

Just a Menu is designed to elevate your restaurant with a beautiful digital menu experience. Over 70% of diners will review your menu online before making a dining choice – drive traffic with Just a Menu. Just a Menu can be added to your website, or be used without any website at all.

Adding Just A Menu to your website is just the beginning...

QR Code Menu for Restaurants

Table-side QR Menus save on printing costs.

Our digital menus are easy to read, provide high quality photos, optional nutrition and allergen information and are accessible for diners with impaired vision.

Reinforce your paper menus and increase your check size up to 30%.

High quality images of items increase sales up to 30% – add images that you can’t fit on your paper menu. Diners are already searching for images of your food, control the narrative with Just a Menu.

Add pictures to your restaurant menu.

Marketing Menus

Add a digital menu experience to your marketing materials and drive traffic to your restaurant. Our menus create an impulse to eat in 93% of viewers according to research done by the NHS.

Outdoor Restaurant Menu

Ditch the paper menu and post a Just A Menu dining experience – always up to date with your specials, and research suggests menus with pictures create an urge to eat in 93% of viewers.

Just a Menu outdoor menu display.

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