Restaurant Directories

Make dining on property the obvious choice with our easy to manage Restaurant Directories. Add business hours, and let restaurants update their own menus. Even restaurants not on the Just a Menu platform can be listed on the restaurant directory.

A Restaurant directory sign displaying a QR code and a phone displaying the associated restaurant directory.
Restaurant Directory

Make Dining on Property the Obvious Choice.

Airports, Casinos, Resort Hotels and More can leverage the power of Just a Menu to showcase their exciting dining options and encourage more guests to dine on property – raising customer satisfaction, and your revenue.

Restaurants control their own menus.

Restaurants have easy access to update prices, add items and specials – while property management can easily add new restaurants, adjust hours and more – all from any device with access to the internet.

Jam Editor View.

Change Themes, Set Hours, and More.

Just a Menu has an extensive theme library for Restaurant Directories – that ensure your restaurant directory can match the vibe of your facility, no matter what. Plus, 100% Custom themes are available – to match your facilities exact branding. 

Interactive digital menu board with neon blue accents, featuring categories like Beverages, Pizzas, Cocktails, and Desserts, with a mobile device showcasing a complementary digital menu and upcoming entertainment events.

Restaurants can leverage Just a Menu Digital Signage and QR Menus.

Whenever a restaurant updates their menu, their digital signage, QR menu, and listing in the restaurant directory is automatically updated – everywhere all at once.


Just a menu enables your guests to read your menu in their native language. Guests can change languages in a single tap – and translating your menu isn’t much harder. Just a Menu utilizes cutting edge Artificial Intelligence to intelligently translate your menu in a single tap. Still want to make changes? Changing the automatic translations is easy from the web portal.

Translate your restaurant menu into multiple languages.
Just a Menu is the fastest way to deploy a restaurant directory.

Set up is fast - fully deploy in minutes.

Every part of Just a Menu is designed to work quickly, easily, and seamlessly – Restaurant Directories are no different.A restaurant directory can be fully deployed for your venue in minutes, and updated in seconds.

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Maximize your restaurant sales with Just A Menu.
QR Codes for Restaurants

Table-side QR Menus virtually eliminate menu costs.

Our digital menus are easy to read, provide high quality photos, optional nutrition and allergen information and are accessible for diners with impaired vision.

Outdoor Restaurant Menu

Ditch the paper menu and post a Just A Menu dining experience – always up to date with your specials, and research suggests menus with pictures create an urge to eat in 93% of viewers.

Just a Menu outdoor menu display.

Marketing Menus

Add a digital menu experience to your marketing materials and drive traffic to your restaurant. Our menus create an impulse to eat in 93% of viewers according to research done by the NHS.