Next Generation QR Menus.

Unlock ultimate menu flexibility with our stunning digital menus. Virtually eliminate menu costs. Adjust prices at any time. Add or change items in a snap. Have photos of every menu item. Get up and running in minutes, not days.

QR Code Menu + Sign

Stunning comes Standard.

Make your menu stand out with our large free theme library. No templates to edit, no design skills required – just select a theme and GO. Change your theme at any time to match the season, or just to change things up. Want even more flexibility? Contact us for a fully custom theme designed to match your exact requirements. 

Free QR Code Included.

Just a Menu includes a free QR code that you can have custom printed on anything. We also sell a wide variety of table top items that can be customized to meet your needs, including your restaurant name, logo, and more.

QR Codes for Restaurants

Get your Menu up and Running in Minutes.

Simply take a photo of your exiting restaurant menu, upload a PDF, or copy and paste a URL of your menu to the Just a Menu System. Artificial intelligence automatically imports your menu and instantly makes it editable – so you can change prices, add photos, or even add, delete, and 86 items.

Instant Price Changes

Need to change menu prices to reflect changing market conditions? With Just a Menu you can change prices from anywhere in the world in 10 seconds flat. Price changes are instantly reflected across all menus instantly. Managing a restaurant chain? Change prices based on location – or fleet wide.

Add, Remove, and 86 items instantly.

86 items from your menu in seconds – or add a chefs special to the mix. Prices can be changed at any time from across the room, or across the world.

Jam Editor View.
Translate your restaurant menu into multiple languages.

Multi-Lingual Menu - Now you're speaking my language.

Just a menu enables your guests to read your menu in their native language. Guests can change languages in a single tap – and translating your menu isn’t much harder. Just a Menu utilizes cutting edge Artificial Intelligence to intelligently translate your menu in a single tap. Still want to make changes? Changing the automatic translations is easy from the web portal.

JAM Keeps Your menus in perfect sync across all your platforms

So Many Possibilities.

See a personalized demo.

Maximize your restaurant sales with Just A Menu.
QR Code Menu for Restaurants

Table-side QR Menus virtually eliminate menu costs.

Our digital menus are easy to read, provide high quality photos, optional nutrition and allergen information and are accessible for diners with impaired vision.

Reinforce your paper menu to increase average check size up to 30%

High quality images of items increase sales up to 30% – add images that you can’t fit on your paper menu. Diners are already searching for images of your food, control the narrative with Just a Menu.

Add pictures to your restaurant menu.

Outdoor Restaurant Menu

Ditch the paper menu and post a Just A Menu dining experience – always up to date with your specials, and research suggests menus with pictures create an urge to eat in 93% of viewers.

Just a Menu outdoor menu display.

Marketing Menus

Add a digital menu experience to your marketing materials and drive traffic to your restaurant. Our menus create an impulse to eat in 93% of viewers according to research done by the NHS.

Add menu photos to your restaurant menu with just a menu.

Raise check values up to 30%.

Average check values increase up to 30% when you enhance your menu with Just a Menu.

Allergen Info in reach.

Speed up your wait staff by putting nutrition and allergen info in reach of all of your customers.

A menu for your website that drives foot traffic.

Almost 80% of guests read your menu online before visiting. Start their experience off on the right foot.

Translate your restaurant menu into multiple languages.

Multiple languages for your menu.

Allow your guests to browse your menu in the language they are comfortable with.

Update your restaurant menu prices easily with Just a Menu.

Easily adjust menu prices.

Easily adjust your menu prices to match the market conditions.

Restaurant menu for visually impaired.

Accessible for the visually impaired.

Our digital menu experiences can be read by a screen reader, unlike PDF.

Match the moment with themes.

From holidays to events, keep your menu fresh by changing themes.

Update your menu - any time, any where.

See a personalized demo.

Maximize your restaurant sales with Just A Menu.