Digital Menu Boards Made Simple.

Finally, digital signage designed for restaurant menus – No graphic designers, no waiting for price changes, or someone to add new items. Update your menu instantly from an easy to use web portal.

Digital Restaurant Menus for Restaurants

Made for Restaurants.

Just a Menu is designed from the ground up to be fast to update, simple to use, and look great in your restaurant.

Changes can be made from any device with an internet connection, and are reflected instantly on your digital signage.

You don’t even need to edit a template with Just a Menu. Simply pick your favorite theme from our professionally designed theme library and select the items to display. Your theme is automatically applied to the items you chose. Fancy a change for the holidays? Switch themes anytime in a few clicks.

Jam Editor View.
Just a Menu' digital signage playlist editor with options for Starters, Cocktails, Desserts, and more, showcasing an editable digital menu for restaurants.

Advertise Happy Hours and More.

Just a Menu makes it easy to upload slides advertising happy hours and more. Just upload a slide, and set a duration for the slide to appear on your digital sign.  Or upload a photo and add some text underneath of it – the text will automatically be in theme with the rest of your menu.

No Graphic Designer Needed

Just select a menu theme from the massive theme library, and it will automatically be applied – no need to spend time fiddling with templates.

A digital menu sign displaying sections for beverages, pizzas, entrees, starters, cocktails, and desserts, with a clear, bright design on an elegant background.
A Digital menu board for use in a restaurant.

Instant Price Changes

Need to change menu prices to reflect changing market conditions? With Just a Menu Digital Signage – you can change prices from anywhere in the world in 10 seconds flat. Price changes are instantly reflected across all menus instantly. Managing a restaurant chain? Change prices based on location – or fleet wide.

Add, Remove, and 86 items in a flash.

86 items from your menu in seconds – or add a chefs special to the mix. Prices can be changed at any time from across the room, or across the world.

Jam Editor View.

Plug And Play Digital Signage

Any TV can be instantly converted to a digital menu with a JAM Player. The Jam Player is about the size of a pack of standard playing cards, and can easily be tucked behind a TV. Each TV displaying a digital menu sign will require a JAM Player. Fully setting up a JAM Player only takes about 3 minutes, and requires virtually 0 technical skills.

A JAM player positioned next to a deck of Bicycle playing cards.
A Just a Menu Digital Menu Board is displayed.

3 Minute Setup

Simply connect your JAM Player to your TV, plug it in, and follow the simple step by step instructions that appear on your screen. It only takes about 3 minutes to have your device fully setup, and connected to your 

Update your menu - any time, any where.

See a personalized demo.

Maximize your restaurant sales with Just A Menu.