Fully Integrated Branding

Control your brand from a centralized brand management hub, while enabling your Account Executives the flexibility to customize menus for the outlets your products are sold in.

Just a Menu For Brands

JAM makes your brand the star of your customers menu.

With Just a Menu - all diners eyes are on your brand. Work with our team to develop custom themes suited to your brand, enabling your account executives to instantly create and deploy branded menus in outlet in minutes.

JAM keeps your brand identities up to date.

BrandSYNC - Change Brand Identity in one place, menus updated Everywhere

When the visual identity of one of your brands change simply update it in the brand hub, and the new imagery will synchronize to all customer menus instantly.

JAM for Brands, Menu Themes

Your Branding - on Your Customers Menus.

Make your brand the star of your customers menu - with JAM your account executives can import an outlets menu, and have your branding automatically applied in under 5 minutes.

Just a Menu makes it easy to share your menu to all restaurants in your network with MenuPULSE.

MenuPULSE - Push your message to All your Outlets.

Share your message on the screens of every restaurant in your network, or choose a smaller group.

One solution across Digital, QR, Print, Website & More.

JAM is your one stop menu resource for your customers, from digital signage, QR Menus, Print, Website, Social Media and More.

Designed for the needs of Enterprise.

Centralized Brand Management

Instantly adjust branding images on every menu instantly, from one control hub.

Localized Menu Control

Individual restaurant owners have complete control of their menu, without having to call your account executives.

Fleet Wide Digital Signage Control

Publish advertising content to your customers menus, and change it any time.

Brand Security

A banned word list is automatically enforced, ensuring no foreign products are allowed on the menu.

Zero to Menu in 5 minutes.

With JAM - your account executives can deploy a menu in outlet in minutes, by simply taking a photo of the existing menu and letting A.I. do the work. Your brands custom designed theme is automatically applied, and Digital Signage, and Print Menus are ready to be deployed in minutes.

1. Account Executive Creates the Menu and Imports the Existing Menu

JAM Photo to Menu system makes creating and importing a menu as easy as snapping a few photos of the existing menu.

2. Restaurant Operator Scans Transfer QR code, taking Menu Ownership.

The account executive retains access to the menu to ensure the brand is represented as expected.

3. Restaurant owner or Account Executive Sets up Digital Signs, QR Menus, Print Menus.

Step by Step instructions are included, with each item making it easy for the restaurant owner or account executive to setup in minutes.

Owner and Salesperson can make Menu Changes from JAM Dashboard - changes are reflected everywhere, instantly.

JAM makes it easy for a business owner to update their menu, and even easier for an account executive to check in!

Powering Menu Experiences Nationwide.

Reduce churn, and increase your stickiness.

JAM provides Brands the opportunity to deeply integrate into their customers operation, taking their relationship with your brand to new levels.