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Effortless Presence Unveils “Just a Menu” at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago

Chicago, IL – May 23, 2023 – Effortless Presence is proud to announce the launch of its revolutionary product, “Just a Menu,” at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago. This cutting-edge digital smart menu is set to transform the way restaurants present their offerings to customers.

“Just a Menu” provides restaurant owners with a dynamic and versatile digital menu platform, featuring a wide variety of stunning themes to suit any restaurant’s ambiance. Beautiful images, helpful descriptions, allergen and nutrition information can now be effortlessly added to the digital menu, enhancing the customer experience and allowing for well-informed dining choices.

Whether used as a standalone QR code menu, a supplement to a paper menu, or embedded on a restaurant’s website, “Just a Menu” is the perfect tool to captivate the nearly 80% of potential customers who browse restaurant menus online before deciding where to dine.

“The days of pinch and zoom micro-menu PDF’s are finally over!” said Damen Tomassi, Strategic Planner for Effortless Presence. “Just a Menu is so easy to use – we’ve had customers tell us they went from zero to menu in 15 minutes.”

With the inclusion of AI technology, “Just a Menu” simplifies menu creation and updating. Restaurant owners who are tight on time can use the “suggest image” and “suggest description” buttons to instantly generate images and descriptions for menu items, rather than uploading photos and typing their own descriptions.

The platform’s restaurant directory feature is an ideal solution for venues with multiple dining options, such as resorts, casinos, and airports. Venue owners can quickly create an attractive, comprehensive directory showcasing all on-site restaurants and their menus, making it easy for guests to choose a dining experience on the property. The restaurant directory feature can even be used to make comprehensive dining guides for special “Restaurant Weeks” and other similar promotions.

Supporting multiple languages, “Just a Menu” allows customers to peruse menus in their native tongue. Additionally, the platform is accessible for visually impaired customers, with full compatibility for screen readers.

By redefining the menu experience, “Just a Menu” promises to elevate the dining landscape for both restaurant owners and their patrons. For more information on this innovative product, visit the Just a Menu website at www.justamenu.com or visit the Just a Menu booth #2543 at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago.

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