Instantly Editable Menus.

Effortlessly showcase your menu on TV’s, Phones (QR Menu) & more. Edit in seconds from one hub, so you never have to wait to change a price. Update instantly from any device – changes are reflected everywhere – instantly.

A digital menu sign displaying sections for beverages, pizzas, entrees, starters, cocktails, and desserts, with a clear, bright design on an elegant background.

Digital Signage Made For Restaurants.

The simple solution for digital signage is finally here – get your menu up and running in under 5 minutes with Just a Menu.

Next Generation QR Menus.

Stunning Digital Menus with out the fuss. No graphic designer needed, update your menu and change prices at any time – instantly.

QR code menu with sign.

Trusted From Sea to Shining Sea.

A Map of Just a Menu Customers.
Jam Editor View.

Create and customize your menu in 5 minutes.

With Just a Menu – go from 0 to menu in 5 minutes. Add your items, prices, descriptions and images – write them yourself, or use the A.I. powered “suggest” button. Then pick one of our ready to go themes designed to convert.

Want to go faster? Snap a pic of your existing restaurant menu, and automatically import it into Just a Menu (Coming Soon).

Share your menu everywhere. It's always in perfect sync.

Add your menu to your website and never worry about having to update it. Link your menu from your social media profiles. Add digital signage in your restaurant. Add your free QR code to your print menus and gain pricing flexibility, easy to add specials, and multiple languages. Go Digital and engage guests with a Digital First experience in restaurant. All of your menus are always kept in perfect synchronization, from one easy to use portal.

Restaurant Directory

Restaurant Directories for Multi-Concept Operations.

The perfect solution for Airports, Casinos, Hotel Resorts, and more. Make dining on property the obvious choice by showcasing your dining concepts.

Add restaurant menu to website.

Stop losing customers with a hard to read menu online, you can't update.

Add menu photos to your restaurant menu with just a menu.

Sell 30% more than a paper menu alone.

Stop paying a designer to update your menu.

Just a Menu™ has a theme to fit your restaurant - no matter the vibe.

With dozens of themes to choose from, there is a perfect match for your restaurant.

See a personalized demo.

Maximize your restaurant sales with Just A Menu.
Add menu photos to your restaurant menu with just a menu.

Raise check values up to 30%.

Average check values increase up to 30% when you enhance your menu with Just a Menu.

Allergen Info in reach.

Speed up your wait staff by putting nutrition and allergen info in reach of all of your customers.

A menu for your website that drives foot traffic.

Almost 80% of guests read your menu online before visiting. Start their experience off on the right foot.

Translate your restaurant menu into multiple languages.

Multiple languages for your menu.

Allow your guests to browse your menu in the language they are comfortable with.

Update your restaurant menu prices easily with Just a Menu.

Easily adjust menu prices.

Easily adjust your menu prices to match the market conditions.

Restaurant menu for visually impaired.

Accessible for the visually impaired.

Our digital menu experiences can be read by a screen reader, unlike PDF.

Match the moment with themes.

From holidays to events, keep your menu fresh by changing themes.

Change Menu Prices- any time, any where.

Edit from any phone or computer.

Log in to your account and add or change items with just a few taps.

Update Prices instantly

Ingredient costs rising? Adjust your prices on the fly to match market conditions.

Add specials in seconds

Add a special to your menu in seconds with just a few taps.

Change your theme to match the season

Change your menu theme in just a few seconds to match the season.

Mark items sold out

Out of an item? Let your customers know with a single tap.

Jam Editor View.

Just a Menu for your restaurant.

Add pictures to your restaurant menu.

Enhance your Paper Menu.

Adding photos of your menu items increases your average check value by up to 30%.

QR Code Menu for Restaurants

Replace your paper menu and gain flexibility.

Change prices to meet market conditions. List allergen and nutritional information.

Share your Menu in your Marketing Materials.

Our menus make diners crave your food. Showcase your menu in all of your ads, and watch profits soar.

Just a Menu outdoor menu display.

Share your menu outside your restaurant.

Capture walkup traffic in an all new way. Showcase your daily specials, and stand out from the competition.

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